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About Us

We are a new company but our expertise goes back forty years.  In that time we have been working with children throughout the primary sector in both state and independent schools and for the past eleven years have worked with schools exploring history through interactive practical workshops.

This approach has proven benefits to the children’s understanding and appreciation of different historical periods, through the provision of a truly memorable experience.

We aim to continue this delivery method in our own right whilst offering you new areas to explore.  Through story, drama, strong narrative and practical hands-on activities we will help your children discover the intricacies of the Maya, the Aztecs, the Celts and the secret ‘behind-the-scenes world’ of allied agents in WW2.

Allow us to work with you to bring a new dimension to your history teaching.

You can also check out our other website; QM Props, which offers the creation and hire of authentic military props, as well as set and stage design for the theatre.
QM Props – Military Prop Hire

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