Roman Days for Schools

Moments In Time provide Roman Days for Schools entered on life in a Roman Vicus. Prices for these days start at £250 for this day in Roman Britain.


A VICUS was a small settlement usually attached to a fort or Roman garrison. It provided for the needs of the soldiers, officers and their families with markets and craftsmen buying and selling goods from the merchants.


This day will provide a fully involving glimpse into the life of the people of Roman Britain. Through the use of story telling, role-play and drama the children will experience the hustle and bustle of the market place, the stallholders, buying and selling and working as an apprentice with many of the craftsmen.




The hall will be set with between 6 and 12 stalls, each offering a different experience based on the traders of Roman Britain. An adult will control each ‘workshop’ and the children will have the opportunity to visit 4 or 5 during the morning session. They will spend approximately 25 minutes at each workshop they visit. The emphasis will be on producing a quality piece of work designed to impress the workshop owner and show their skill.


In addition, they will have to take their work to the Merchant for a valuation.

Any monies they receive they will pay to the workshop owner, but they may keep their example of work.


Each child will be issued with a bag to keep its own work safe during the session.




The afternoon session will look at the life and training of a Roman Soldier.

This will involve Roman Drill to instill discipline, Fighting Skills and Building skills including Surveying and Planning.


Moments In Time will provide all the equipment and materials needed for the day including consumables, bags for the morning and the equipment for the afternoon session.


Children and adults are encouraged to dress in an appropriate manner for the day.


The cost for the Day Workshop starts at £250.00