Viking Anchor

Viking Days For Schools

Moments In Time provide Viking Days for schools starting from £250. Our Viking days are a fully interactive, hands-on learning school based experience.



Come with us to a Viking village. Explore the sights, sounds, smells of their workshops and market place. Join a workshop and learn a new skill, gossip with the other apprentices and learn of their worries, fears and superstitions. Help the story along by passing on the gossip and, maybe even making some of your own!

Thelearning will be through story telling, drama and rôle-play.  It will bwtotally emersive and hands-on with the children taking on the rôle of apprentices assigned initaly to one workshop, but with the opportunity to chose others throughout the course of the morning session.

The morning session will focus on the skills and social interaction within the village setting. Here they will learn of the medicine woman, the storyteller, the woodworker and many more.

They will focus on developing new skills, impressing the workshop owner and proving their worth.



The afternoon will be spent entertaining, feasting and telling the sagas of their tribe.

The group will be divided into 3 or 4 smaller units to practice for the feast.  Each will be given a guidance pack that might contain a script, some musical instruments, suggestions and guidance notes.  One of the groups will remain in the great hall to prepare for the feast.

Each group will have 30 minutes to practice the given task before we will all reassemble in the Long House for the Feast.