World War 2 Day for Schools

Spy School is part of Moments In Time’s World War 2 day for schools. Prices start at £250 for this totally immersive, interactive WW2 day.

WW2 Days For Schools

We currently are able offer a full-day workshop for WW2: ‘Mr. Churchill’s Spy School’.

This is one of our WW2 days for schools. The action centres around the period just prior to D-Day. At this time security along the South Coast of England was very tight because of the massive preparations for the invasion of occupied Europe by the Allies.

This World War 2 day relies on first hand interrogation of actual period artifacts, clothing and documents. All documents are reproductions of the paperwork carried by all civilians and military personnel during WW2.

The day will rely upon careful observation, deductive skills and the logical and systematic processing of the evidence. The children are encouraged to sympathetically handle and examine period artifacts and to understand the importance of such period material.

Moments In Time supplies all the materials used in the investigation. We encourage all involved in the Day to dress appropriately, either as the children recruited into the team or the adults accompanying them.

Either a member of the US Army Military Police or British Army Intelligence Corps will lead the day.



We have recreated the luggage of 12 suspects, who, for one reason another, have been detained within the security zone. The children form small units of a larger Special Investigation Team that has been tasked with uncovering the truth about the suspects.



Each suitcase contains clothing, documents, letters, photographs and personal items that will give clues to the owner’s identity. Each unit, of 3 or 4 children, must collect as much information from the contents of the case or bag, and to report back to the whole team at the briefing before the morning break. We hope, at this briefing, the individual teams might discover links between their suspect and another, or others, in the room.



After break they must now set about establishing the true identity of their own ‘person’ and the relationship with others in the room. At the final debriefing they must reveal the findings of their investigation and prove the links that they have discovered.





We would love to tell you more about this aspect of our work but, until you have signed our Official Secrets Act, this in formation is restricted.

Suffice to say, the afternoon will involve enciphering and deciphering messages and the rôle played by the SOE, OSS and the various Resistance networks that was vital in the defeat of our enemies during WW2.

Shhhh, remember, ‘Walls have ears’!!

For the Allies, D-Day was one of the crucial turning points during the Second World War. The preparations for this momentous day took many forms. Join us at the training centre for potential candidates where they will learn the techniques for identifying enemy agents by sharing information and cooperative investigation. During the course of the day they will also learn some the skills that would help them survive as an SOE agent in occupied France.

This is an evidence-based day aimed at Years 4, 5 & 6, where the pupils differentiate between fact and opinion by the investigation of primary sources.

We will provide all the resources necessary for the day.

Shhh………careless talk costs lives!

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